Passenger Tries To Smuggle $50k Worth Of Gold Through Security In A Very Unusual Form

You can bet the TSA has seen its fair share of odd items trying to pass through security, but one has to wonder if any of that stands up to the discovery made at Hyderabad Airport.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, India, is making headlines after a passenger was discovered trying to smuggle gold onto his flight. It wasn’t your typical gold bars or flakes or anything you’re used to seeing.

No, it was gold in a disgusting looking paste.

The Economic Times reports that the semi-liquid gold may look unappealing, but contained over a kilo of gold. Specifically, it weighed 1,120.780 grams. On today’s market, that would have netted the passenger over $50,000, or more than 3.4 million Indian rupees.

Gold paste isn’t something you often see, but according to The Art of Jewellery, it’s achieved through a process involving kerosene. The end product is a suggestive material that could have been pulled from an airport bathroom.

And you can bet people have caught onto its less-than-appealing appearance.

The story has also inspired the inner-smuggler of many social media spectators, who came up with ingenious ways of smuggling the unappealing gold paste.

And if you thought Twitter was good for nothing more than crude jokes, consider this bit of historical trivia that, but for this story, you might never have learned.

Though it may be easy to joke about the look of the gold paste, don’t overlook the tragic aspect of the story: the passenger was forced to give up $50,000 in gold.  

Now if that doesn’t just sting…

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