Someone Glued A Sex Toy To The Top Of An Army Headquarters—And It Could Stay Up There For 40 Days 😮

Somewhere in England, a mischievous prankster is wringing their hands and cackling with maniacal glee. The King’s Royal Hussars, a cavalry regiment of the British Army, awoke one morning to find the unthinkable had come to pass: someone had glued a sex toy to the roof of their headquarters.

The building’s management told tenants it could take up to 40 days to remove the dildo from the building, since it’s not a high priority. 

Management might take it more seriously if they knew how many penis jokes people are making on Twitter:

In the video, soldiers tried to knock the sex toy off with a giant stick but their efforts elicited only giggles.

This problem calls for some creative thinking!

Who could possibly be to blame for such a nefarious prank?

Having a dildo on your building might be embarrassing but the KRH still has their dignity. Or at least they’ll be getting it back within 40 days.

H/T – Indy 100The Sun