New Behind The Scenes Footage From ‘The Avengers’ Is Making Us Look At Thanos In A Completely Different Light

Have you ever seen those doctored images of sharks with human teeth? It makes them seem a bit more friendly, right? Well, consider this the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of that.

Throughout Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. His large stature and bulky body would intimidate everyone — including the Hulk. But strip away the CGI, and you’re left with something so ridiculous looking that we can’t imagine having to act scared of it.

iO9 recently released behind-the-scenes footage from Infinity War, showing Josh Brolin standing in for the computer generated villain. While the clunky rig equipment is expected, Brolin also had to provide actors with a reference of how tall Thanos really was. 

To do so, the production team created a head and shoulders to mount over Brolin. To say the least, it looks pretty silly, especially when you see it in motion in the video at iO9.

As comical as it looks, it’s quite impressive to think that, during the action-heavy battle on Titan, Brolin was able to keep up with that extension hanging over him. 

In regard to the Mad Titan’s CGI work, people had plenty to say, both for and against. 

This isn’t the first time behind-the-scenes footage has revealed the absurdity of scenes pre-CGI. Game of Thrones and Jurassic World were recently revealed to push their cast’s acting limits with disembodied dragon heads and humans standing in as ferocious velociraptors.

 It’s all just part of the magic.

H/T: Insider, iO9