This Theory That Brad Pitt Loves To Twin With His Significant Others May Be On To Something 🤔

Along with his extensive career, Brad Pitt has had multiple Hollywood relationships, as well as a variety of looks. It just so happens that the new looks coincide with the new relationships. Twitter user Sarah McGonagall (@sarahmcgbeauty) came across an old article pointing out Pitt’s tendency to look in sync with his new loves. 

Take a walk down memory lane with the styles and loves of the day.

And one Twitter user was able to find the elusive photo of Pitt with Robin Givens. 

And just in case it isn’t clear, here’s another angle. 

It’s quiet surprising how one person can look like so many others. 

We look forward to Pitt’s golden years and future looks.

H/T: Twitter Moments, Buzzfeed