Patient Woman Trolls Email Scammer For Three Whole Days

In the era of modern technology, scamming people out of hundreds, even thousands of dollars is as easy as sending an email. Some might buy into it – despite constant caution being spread against internet scammers and hackers – but others aren’t as easy to trick.

One woman received an email from a friend…but something about the message seemed to be a bit, erm, off?

The friend was asking for $500 worth of iTunes gift cards, in broken english, from a strange email address. 

Probably a scammer. Most definitely a scammer. But, although most of us would have, she didn’t leave this email on read and ignore it. 

Instead, she replied, and decided that two can play at this game:

What resulted was a laughable, three-day long, super patient email exchange. 

She insisted on giving “her friend” the gift cards in person:

That would be the safest, most secure option after all. Wouldn’t it?

Which, of course, the scammer was not on board with. Initially, he played it off cool:

Then, he became a bit more abrasive:

She basically got the guy to give a free course on basic tech support:

Save your money and entertain a scammer for free computer lessons.

She then offered someone else bring the gift cards, to her friends house, tonight:

Even offered to return a casserole dish! How thoughtful.

Back to tech support:

The scammer was committed to getting these gift cards. He entertained conversations about the casserole dish, office presentations, and potluck dishes:

The scammer berated her with aggressive comments, and she pointed out that she simply wanted to be cautious. 

Gotta watch out for dangerous people on the internet, after all!

She sent him a photo of one of the cards, which she found on Google Images:

He got so excited…before realizing the code didn’t work.

Finally, she revealed that she was in on his scam the entire time:

This was three days after the initial email, mind you. She was dedicated to this effort.

And his response? Possibly the funniest part:

Twitter thought the conversation was hilarious:

Bravo to the woman who took the time out of her day to do everyone a service and troll this scammer.

Is trolling trolls a growing past-time? A fun new hobby, perhaps?

Ignoring him probably would have been easier – but this way was so much more fun.

H / T – BoredPanda