Snake Visitor Caught Ringing Doorbell On Video Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Makenze Bullins is a dental assistant, wife and dog mom from Kechi, Kansas. On July 17, Bullins was at work when she kept getting notifications from her Nest doorbell camera that someone was at her front door. 

But instead of a person, she saw this. If you have ophidiophobia, you may want to look away.

This clip shows the snake slithering past for more than 1 minute and you never even see its head or tail. 

Bullin’s husband was out of town.  She posted the videos on Facebook, begging friends to help her get rid of the unwelcome guest.

Her original post has since been updated, but it originally read:

This is NO JOKE!! Joseph Wesley Bullins Jr. is out of town, I’m at work and this freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!! 

Someone PLEASE come get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!”

Some neighbors didn’t think this could be a wild animal.

“It looks like a constrictor, though hard to tell. If it is it’s someone’s pet and very pretty from what I can see. 

Once it saw the first reflection in the camera lens that is what is probably attracting back to that spot. Plus, they’re arboreal and like to be up high off the ground. 

If you have a local lost and found for pets page/website you could check if someone’s missing one. Otherwise, call the animal shelter or local animal control. If it’s a constrictor/non-poisonous they aren’t difficult to capture safely. If I was there, sweet, I’d come get it. Good luck!”

Other friends and neighbors were just horrified.

But for some people, the snake stirred silliness.

Bullins updated her original post to tell viewers that the snake had been successfully relocated.

“UPDATE: Steve Wilhelm is a life saver and the snake has been relocated (I still think it’s better off dead)!”

See her full post here:

H/T: The Dodo, GeekWire