6’10” Man Kneeling Throughout Concert So That Others Could See Is The Hero Everyone Needs

Showers, airplane seats and economy cars aren’t exactly made to the specifications of the very tall. But aside from that they get the benefit of visibility – both the ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’ variety. 

It takes a certain kind of stand-up gent to forgo these benefits in public for the sake of others and literally take a knee,. or two. Recently at a Halsey concert, a fellow fan noticed that bit of chivalry on display and made an internet note of it.

Haley Lough shared a photo on Twitter of the kneeling fan.

The man’s kindness made the rounds on the internet, eventually making it all the way up to the main event herself. 

For attempting to make himself considerately inconspicuous, he found himself being seen in the best possible way.

MTV’s TRL even gave him a nod for his act of kindness.

A hundred thousand likes on Twitter later and our kindly giant came forward with a grateful blush. 

And that kind of nod from someone with millions of fans like Halsey can really throw you for a loop. 

Especially if your Twitter handle is CG_MusicFan.

The Twittersphere, meanwhile, stood to recognize the kneeling giant. 

Takes a real hero to be physically uncomfortable for the sake of others. 

Scooch down when it’s polite to do so and you too might get noticed by your idols!

H/T: MTV, Twitter