Cher’s Short ‘Hi Again’ Message To Fans Is The Perfect Meme For Any Situation 😂

Cher’s Twitter is legendary for many reasons. 

Why use 280 characters when you only need a few to throw some shade at Madonna’s 2012 album title?

Speaking of Cher shade…

Absolutely legendary.

So when the star, who recently rocked the internet by releasing the set list for her ABBA cover album, Tweeted this simple sentiment:

The internet pounced on its perfection.  It became a meme at the speed of light.  

It’s appropriate for every situation, like the pains of 2018 group chats.

Or looking in the fridge hoping something to eat will magically appear.

Or being a broke millennial like the rest of us.

The pain of relationship drama.

Some people just chose to respond in the old-fashioned way.

But they clearly just don’t understand the necessity of the phrase “Hi again”.

It’s a true, deep, human pain.

Even Cher doesn’t really get it.

But we are wishing “Hi again” the long happy meme-filled life it deserves.  

Because “Hi again” can even give back to Cher.

But seriously, go see ‘Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again.’  

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed