On The 4-Year Anniversary Of ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage Being Leaked, Ryan Reynolds Searches For Answers

Four years ago, test footage from the original ‘Deadpool’ (2016) film leaked online, which ended up ironically getting the film greenlit due to fan reaction.  However, the leaker was never caught.  So Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, is taking matters into his own hands.

But….what is he gonna do?  Thank him to death?

Or something more Deadpool-like and sinister?

Suspicion is still abound, however, that Reynolds made the leak himself in order to get the project the go-ahead.  

Or else, people suspect the director of the film, Tim Miller.

It took eleven years for Deadpool to get the green light, and once the test footage was leaked, it took mere minutes.

On the ‘Graham Norton Show,’ Reynolds said that the film was the “best and worst relationship [he’d] ever been in.”

The leak made everything easier.  Reynolds says he’s only 70% sure it wasn’t him who leaked the footage.

Regardless of who it was, we’re all happy it happened.

So, thank you to the leaker of four years ago.  Now that you have Deadpool on your trail, you’re sure to be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

H/T: DigitalSpy, Twitter