Trump’s Shattered Hollywood Star Is Now Being Watched Over By Two ‘Russian Soldiers’ ????

Last week President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized for the second time. Austin Clay carried out this round of smashing, and in a funny twist of fate, the man who carried out the first round of smashing paid Clay’s $20,000 bail.

And there is a new development. As repairs are underway on the star, some men dressed as Russian soldiers are standing guard to make sure there isn’t a third round of vandalism. These soldiers, of course, are their own form of protest.

The soldiers were first spotted last Wednesday.

They quickly became somewhat of a tourist attraction.

People appreciated the novel approach.

One Twitter user had an idea for a new star…

Some were even worried about the health of the two protesters.

And one of the men chimed in.

Twitter users expressed their gratitude.

Well played, good sirs.

H/T: Independent, Twitter