Beyoncé Is Set On Making History With Vogue’s Upcoming September Issue ????

Anna Wintour is a legend, so it makes sense that, for what will probably be her last issue as Vogue‘s editor in chief, she would pass the baton to another legend. Yup—Beyoncé! 

We knew Beyoncé was going to be on the cover but people are shocked at the amount of control Wintour has given Queen Bey. She will be in charge of her own cover image, including the captions, the photographer, and the overall vision.

Essentially, we’re about to get an issue of Vogue with a Beyoncé-In-Chief. 

So what was Beyoncé-In-Chief’s first order of business? Breaking down a racial barrier that’s been in place for 126 years by hiring the very first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover.  The shockingly young 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell will be tackling the cover images thanks to Queen Bey. Don’t think he’s some amateur because of his age, though. Tyler has worked with Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Jaden Smith, and more. 

His big break came with his work documenting the emerging skateboard scene in Cuba, and it’s quite possible he will bring that gritty vision to Vogue‘s cover. 

Twitter is shocked that it’s taken this long, and an intervention from Beyoncé, to get a black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover.

Of course, there are people who aren’t fans of Bey’s choice. Some believe her selection of a black photographer is racist.

But as far as most people are concerned, Bey leading this issue of Vogue is cause for celebration.

Are you excited to see what Bey comes up with? We want to know if you find her choice of photographers revolutionary or racist. Sound off! 

H/T: Heavy, Twitter