Kim Kardashian Talks About What She Was Wearing—Or Not Wearing—When President Trump Called Her

Kim Kardashian spends a good amount of her time in front of the camera in some stage of undress. So it stands to reason that plenty of people have probably spoken to her while she was naked.

According to the reality star and business mogul, President Trump is now on that list of people.

In late May, Kardashian met with Trump to discuss clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, a woman who was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her involvement in a cocaine trafficking ring in Memphis. The president said that the meeting went well and all chatter on the issue just sort of subsided.

Then, during a photoshoot for Steven Klein, her phone rang.

As she told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, “So I’m naked and my phone rings and I’m all glammed up. I was waiting for the call and it was it. I put a robe on.” We can’t help but think that this was some sort of fantasy of Trump, but that’s besides the point.

Kim then had to call the 63-year-old grandmother to discuss the immense victory, which she also did in the nude. “I didn’t know I was the first person telling her. So I broke the news and it was just crying. It was really emotional.”

Kimmel, who has been a known Trump detractor, tried to engage in a little riff on the president, joking that, had he known she was nude, he would have released the whole prison. Kardashian didn’t join in on the Trump bashing, however, saying she has “nothing bad to say” about him.

This comment earned her plenty of praise, especially from Fox News.

The conversation then turned to her husband, Kanye West, and his admiration of Trump. According to Kardashian, West may not agree with his political opinions, but he’s a fan of his personality. “We would talk about it and policies and he doesn’t necessarily agree with the policies but he likes his personality and the way he made it to President when everyone really underestimated him,” she explained.

Johnson’s pardon is only one of many aspects of the conversation Kardashian had with Trump. “There’s a lot of bills we’re trying to get passed. I get a stack of letters every day that I read when I’m in glam,” she said.

H/T: Business Insider, BBC