Tweet Asking ‘Which Character From The Office Are You?’ Gets An Unexpected Response 🤣

Admit it, whenever you get immersed in a show, you try to determine which character fits your personality best. 

In a recent tweet, Netflix Life posed the question “Which character from The Office are you?” Of course, it received a host of replies—more than 1,000, to be exact—but there was one that stood out. 

It was easy to miss if you weren’t paying attention, but among the replies was Angela Kinsey, whom fans may remember as playing Angela Martin on the NBC program’s seven year run. 

Not everyone was convinced.

Netflix Life was, though The Office’s official Twitter page was a little hesitant. 

Who do you think Angela is?

Beyond Angela there were dozens upon dozens of additional replies that gave a chuckle or simply show how revered The Office was and still is, despite having been off the air for five years.

Things started off pretty well with Netflix Life even getting further into it.

That just dissolved everything into a series of back-and-forth GIFs. 

One individual essentially broke down his day into The Office characters, ending with a statement that is probably true for all of us.

Some people created their own characters.

It’s probably fair to say that we all aspire to be Florida Stanley.

Though The Office has been gone for a while, John Krasinski recently mentioned his desire for a Christmas reunion show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Krasinski, coming off the high of his blockbuster horror film A Quiet Place, was also vocal about a reboot. “I think we should reboot it. I think it’s hard obviously with everybody’s schedule to do an Office reboot, but I would so be down.”

Quite frankly, we can get behind Krasinski on this idea.

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