With The Demise Of MoviePass In Sight, Twitter Is Coming With Some Savage Memes ????

Film lovers have been mourning the demise of MoviePass, a service that allowed users to pay reduced prices for movie tickets. The service has had some problems in the past, so people aren’t exactly surprised that it’s struggling. 

The service stopped working on Friday, and it came to light that the business had literally run out of money. Things were back up and running as of Monday, but to call the selections “limited” is being generous. 

Know what else is being generous? Twitter, now that the inevitable roasting has begun. Enjoy the memes, my friends. 

Savor them the way we savored our MoviePass service for its brief-but-glorious run. 

Even companies joined in!

So how did things go so wrong? It seems the business model wasn’t sustainable to begin with. MoviePass didn’t work out any sort of business-to-business discounted rate for these movie tickets, so they were paying full price. Users were charged a monthly subscription fee that, in some cases, was less than the cost of ONE movie ticket — much less than the several tickets per month that users were entitled to. 

Twitter went in on that, too. 

There is talk about MoviePass increasing subscription fees and further limiting available showings in order to try and stay afloat. We’ll keep you updated! 

H/T: Twitter, Mashable