‘Brieing’ Is The Newest Party Drug Trend For Middle-Aged Women ????

Listen, we totally get why people love feeling loose, giggly, and connected with their friends. It’s one of those things that people miss as they get older. Careers, families, obligations, and life just get in the way. Adulthood can be lonely.  A group of British women, who have asked to remain anonymous, figured out a way to combat that loneliness and reignite that youthful, giggly connection they had in years past.

Yeah, ’80s Charlie Sheen knows what’s up. 

Most of us would spark up a little cannabis, but these ladies were interested in a classier, more refined experience. So they turned to cheese. Speaking for the group was a 50-year-old woman we’ll call Jane, because there’s no better name for an anonymous woman. According to Jane, the group of women has a strong bond, but their parties had started to lose their oomph. They tried a bunch of different trends, but everyone still felt as if there were barriers between them. 

When one of them got a hold of some MDMA they had no idea how to take it. After some phone calls, they knew they were supposed to eat it, but nobody wanted to just eat the powder straight. So they wrapped it in some brie cheese and munched! MDMA, the important component of ecstasy, was initially used as a drug to help reduce inhibitions and facilitate connection in a therapeutic setting.

According to researchers at the University of Oxford:

MDMA promotes increasing sociability and an experience of connection with other people, emotional openness and reduction of anxiety. MDMA does not appear to act as an aphrodisiac, but does appear to promote a desire for emotional closeness. This may be due to oxytocin release. There has been therapeutic use of MDMA to develop emotional communications skills, and it is not implausible that it, or similar drugs, could be used to deepen pair bonding.

Twitter is having a blast with this new trend. 

We really consider ourselves more Havarti people, but to each their own. Would you give this trend a try?

H/T: Vice Munchies, Metro, Twitter