Trump’s Favorite Coca-Cola Has To Raise Its Prices—And It’s All His Fault

Donald Trump’s 10% tariffs on aluminum are turning up the price on his favorite drink, Diet Coke, and all the other products Coca-Cola distributes. CEO James Quincey said that the increase was unavoidable because of the higher cost of cans.

Clearly, it’s disruptive for us. It’s disruptive for our customers but I think the conversations have been about how is this going to work for each and every customer.

But people need not feel too sorry for the Coca-Cola company. They are projected to earn $7.6 billion in revenue this year.

Sodas aren’t the only beverages to feel the squeeze; 60% of beer is made with aluminum cans, and the effects could be felt by consumers. Already Sam Adams says they will be increasing prices by up to 2%. 

Some folks weren’t buying the need to raise the cost of Coke. 

Others felt the price increase wasn’t such a bad thing.

Of course we all need to do our part to help the wealthy. 

Perhaps the multi-billion dollar soda and beer companies could take a tiny profit loss to keep from raising prices for consumers. 

H/T: USA Today, HuffPost