Caught On Video In A Racist Rant, Frantic Woman Tries To Steal The Evidence ????

When you’re caught in a racist rant, there is only one thing to do: steal the evidence and run away!

While riding the Toronto Transit, Margaret Anthony heard a young woman screaming “Go back to China!” at another woman. In the video uploaded to YouTube, the verbal assailant could be heard clear across the train car.

The victim took out her phone and began to record the racist rant.

“I noticed there was a bit of a kerfuffle and I could hear a young girl essentially screaming ‘Go back to China!” Anthony explained in an interview. “My blood was boiling, so I did what I thought was right and I pressed the emergency alarm.”

Anthony also broke out her phone and started recording, which the attacker was less-than-pleased with. The shocking footage shows the young racist chasing down her victim, grabbing at her phone to try and delete the video of her racist rant.

Anthony confronted the assailant with phone in hand, also recording every moment of the exchange. Still, the attacker kept going for her victim’s phone, yelling “I just want her to delete the video of me.” 

After grabbing hold of the phone, the racist woman runs off as Anthony threatens to call the police. When police arrived on the scene, the woman—and phone—were gone.

According to authorities, they are treating the incident as a robbery and made no mention of treating it as an assault.

This incident comes on the heels of another racially-fueled incident that unfolded in Toronto’s Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. That assailant, 50-year-old Lombray Ball, is now facing hate crime charges. 

The woman in the Toronto Transit incident has not yet been identified or apprehended. 

H/T: Raw Story, YouTube