Michael Douglas’s Daughter Clearly Had No Idea As A Kid That Her Dad Was A Famous Actor 😂

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have two children: Carys Zeta Douglas and Dylan Michael Douglas.

Carys looks so much like her mom that it’s a little uncanny. The two recently appeared together as the cover attraction of an issue of Town & Country.

Take a look:

Carys is 15 and fully aware of who her parents are. But this was not always the case.

In the interview with Town & Country, Carys revealed that, when she was growing up, she had no idea what her dad, Michael Douglas, did for a living.

A pancake maker. Well, there are worse things to be.

That last story would be pretty cool if it was real. Kirk Douglas is the first generation of the Douglas showbiz royal family.

Kids’ misconceptions are some of the funnest stories to re-tell as adults. They’re such innocent assumptions and so cute to think about.

Carys says that growing up, she was shaken by the way the world treated her and her family due to their fame.

Of her family’s fame Carys said:

I hated it. I used to get really upset. [The Paparazzi] would jump on the subway and sit right in front of me. I was, like, six. I was confused. That’s when I knew, ‘If this is going to be what it’s like, I need to focus on who I really am, and this is going to be something that’s just going to happen, and I can’t do anything about it.’

About her upbringing Carys said:

My parents do a really good job of reality-checking me and being like, ‘Look around you. The life you have is extraordinary.’

And if Michael Douglas really was a pancake maker, we bet he would be an extraordinary one.

H/T: Town & Country, Twitter