JK Rowling Roasted Trump’s Latest ‘Collusion’ Tweet With A Literary Quote For The Ages 🔥

J.K. Rowling has plenty of her own words from her famous Harry Potter series that caution us against the likes of Donald Trump. But this time around, she elected to use Lewis Carroll’s words to refute Trump’s latest tweet about collusion.

Trump’s logic is often confusing and suited to his own needs, so it’s fitting that Ms. Rowling chose this rather lighthearted quote.

And more Carroll quotes apply to the situation:

If Ms. Rowling used any quotes from her series detailing the rise of fascism in the wizarding world, the parallels may seem alarming.

The investigation on collusion with Russia has been steadily closing in on Trump, and as the pressure escalates, Trump points fingers at everyone but himself.

This isn’t the first time Rowling has taken to mocking Trump’s finger pointing with a Lewis Carroll quote.

In times like these, we need the wisdom of authors to continue checking the fallacies Trump presents. Should the collusion investigation put him in a criminal light, he will likely lash out further.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter