Man’s Homophobia Revealed When His Date Suggests His Dog May Be ‘Gay’

Getting to know a new person is complicated. Things could be going along swimmingly when something small changes the whole game.  For one college woman, the “something small” was an adorable small dog — or rather a small joke she made about the dog.  

 We don’t know the woman’s name, but we know the man she was speaking to was named Eric, and they were in the “getting to know you” stage. After this exchange, we can pretty confidently say that Eric has been relegated to the “um… NOPE” list on her phone. 

All the nope that Bey can muster.

After showing the woman his ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN’ ADORABLE pupper, Eric suggested that she should get a girl dog of the same breed so that they can take them out together. Like, on a double date we guess? She reminded him that she lives in a dorm so she can’t have a pet. That went over fine, but her follow-up comment did not. She said that his dog might be gay.

Makes sense to us. If Eric wanted to set them up for romantic double dates, he should know what kind of partner his dog might like. Science has documented homosexuality in the animal kingdom for, like, ever. And now that it’s 2018, there’s no need for gay dogs to have to have beard relationships or whatever. Plus, she obviously said it in jest.

None of that mattered. Most people would have laughed or said something like, “Ya know, I never thought to ask him but he hasn’t come out to me if he is.”

Eric opted for a more impassioned response.

His firm and almost angry response sent up about a zillion and ten red flags and she asked him outright if he was homophobic. 

He replied by insulting her. 

It’s a safe bet that no further dates came from this connection, but Twitter got some action out of it.

Someone even made the dog a Twitter account!

Which led to owners sharing their gay dogs. 

So yeah, now Twitter is one big gay dog parade, and this dude is probably somewhere seething over it. 

H/T: Twitter, Indy100