Rihanna May Have Just Brought Back An Old Beauty Trend—And The Internet Is Already Shutting It Down

Rihanna is no stranger to trying out weird fashion trends on the internet.

But this time she had a little help from her friends.

Look at those penciled in eyebrows!

Planning to start copying Rihanna’s penciled-in-eyebrows look? Think twice before you do.

We vowed never to go back to the ’80s in terms of makeup. Let’s keep that promise.

Some people pointed out that South African women have been rocking this trend for ages, so we should probably stop getting all worked up. Look how it’s worked out for them:

That looks pretty nice.

So do we think pencil eyebrows are going to make a comeback in the US of A?

Hmm, probably not.

This September issue of British Vogue featuring Rihanna marks the first time a black woman has graced the cover in the 102 years that magazine has been around. So while the eyebrows are fun to focus on, there’s a whole different aspect we should be celebrating.

Go Rihanna!

 H/T: Mashable, Twitter