Someone Painted A Picture Of Trump And His Administration Literally ‘Crossing The Swamp’—And It’s A Masterpiece 🔥

At every campaign rally for candidate Donald Trump, the chant could be heard over and over again — “Drain the swamp, drain the swamp!”

Trump had promised voters as part of his campaign to drain the veritable swamp that was Washington D.C. politics.

The imagery has followed Trump since his election, and while supporters still think the President is making good on his promise, critics are convinced the swamp is deeper than ever. 

And that’s exactly the debate a new painting of Trump has sparked once again.  

Conservative artist Jon McNaughton caused a social media craze on Tuesday after posting a new painting he titled  “Crossing the Swamp.”  

A take-off of the iconic painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware”,  McNaughton depicts Trump and his administration traversing a swamp in front of the Capitol building. 

McNaughton identifies as a Trump supporter, using the hashtag #MAGA in his Twitter bio, but that hasn’t seemed to stop the widely different meanings people have taken from his work. 

Twitter couldn’t seem to figure out if the painting was praising or criticizing Trump. 

But the work still inspired a chain of amazing interpretations. 

And while everyone seemed to agree that the painting sent a strong metaphorical message, they just couldn’t agree on what that message was. 

Political opinions aside, it’s hard to deny that the painting is a masterpiece. 

It’s only missing one thing…

H/T – Fox News, ABC