Massachusetts City’s Entire Police Force Decides To Suddenly Resign ????

People often feel unappreciated at work. They might talk about their feelings to the rest of the team, or maybe even a boss, and try to find some sort of solution. But, for a four-man police department in Blandford, Massachussets, feeling unappreciated in the line of duty meant resigning all at once, without notice.

The officers said they would no longer work for a “town that seemingly cares so little” about them. One of the things the department was distraught over was their forced merging with the town of Chester in an attempt to save money.

They said the following in an official statement:

We refuse to put our lives on the line anymore for a town that seemingly cares so little about us.

The four officers resigned in a mass email to the community board on Monday, and mentioned being underpaid, understaffed, facing a ton of safety hazards, and having insufficient equipment. 

Blandford Select-Board Chair Cara Letendre said that the email caught the board off guard:

Honestly, it was a surprise for us that the police chose to walk out.

Some are saying the town of 1,200 probably doesn’t need a police department:

Others are congratulating the town on the mass exit:

Controversy has surrounded police departments across the nation in recent years over police brutality and the killings of innocent and unarmed black men, women, and children.

The quadruple resignation didn’t seem to bother Twitter:

People expressed little sympathy for the four officers:

There are good police officers but the bad ones continue to give everyone on the force a bad name:

Massachussets State Police have played an important role in the town of Blandford for quite some time now:

For decades the Massachusetts State Police have maintained a strong presence in the town of Blandford, providing police services on a daily basis and responding to emergency and routine calls for service to supplement the local department’s capabilities. State Police also exclusively provide police services in the town on the overnight shift.

They assured the people of the small town that they will continue to be protected:

We have notified town officials that we maintain our commitment to the town and will assume any additional duties required in the wake of the resignations of local officers. The residents of Blandford may be assured that the State Police will continue to protect their community.

An entire police department quitting on the spot might be a first, so at least there’s that?

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