Pomeranian Puppy Abandoned By Breeder For Being ‘Too Big’ Becomes An Adorable Instagram Star ????

Dogs may be adorable and cuddly but not everyone treats them well. Bertram the Pomeranian had been abandoned by his breeder for being “too large for the breed” and therefore unsaleable. Kathy Grayson thought otherwise. She found Bertram, originally Jasper, on PetFinder.

Grayson told Bored Panda:

I flew to Tulsa and drove to the town to pick him up, it was a wonderful adventure. The shelter was sad to see him go, he definitely had gotten some special extra love there.

And the internet has definitely taken notice of how special Bertram is. He now has over 93,000 followers on Instagram and he’s become somewhat of a celebrity in Kathy Grayson’s gallery, The Hole, where people come just to visit the adorable pup.

Bertram definitely knows how to pose.

And he appreciates good shot composition.

He’s also a bit of a fashionisto.

And socially conscious.

But he’s mostly just adorable.

Who can resist that punim?

H/T: Bored Panda, Instagram