Why Was I Not Invited To This 15-Year-Old Dog’s Awesome Quinceañera?

Lupita the dog is causing quite a ruckus on Twitter after photos surfaced of her owner throwing the pup an incredible quinceañera.

Let’s take a closer look:

Yes, that is definitely a photoshoot photo for the invitation.  Lupita looks so happy!!  And those flowers are a good color for her.

According to Teen Vogue, Lupita is actually only a little over two human years old, so 15 in dog years. 

Miranda   Sanchez, her owner, explained why she threw the party: “I figured it was another excuse to get my family together and eat and celebrate.  I had multiple friends with dogs, so I invited them. There were seven small dogs, and they all dressed up. It was so cute.”

The pup apparently had a good time, according to Miranda.  

“She was a bit irritated with her quince crown, but other than that, she loved having all the other doggies there.”

Cats were reportedly not invited to the celebration.

If this story isn’t enough of Lupita Conchita for you, we have good news!  She also has an Instagram page:

And it features some treasures:

We really hope this trend of dogs having quinceañeras catches on.

H/T: Teen Vogue, Twitter, Instagram