The Internet Now Believes That Toothpaste Can Make Your Breasts Bigger Thanks To This ‘Hack’

When it comes to DIY beauty tips not all of them are winners. And some just make you stop and think “who would even try this?” 

That’s definitely the case with this latest “beauty tip” craze.  

According to Metro a Youtuber named Naturalbeauty556 has been telling women across the internet that the secret to firming up sagging breasts is toothpaste. 

And she’s not the only one.

Another video from  Susana Home Remedies says a combination of toothpaste on your nipples and Vaseline on breasts will help them grow larger.

 So do these wild beauty tips actually work? 

Spoiler alert. 


In her video Naturalbeauty556 whips up a bizarre mixture toothpaste, plain flour, egg whites, and grated cucumber which she claims will tighten up sagging breasts in just 5 days. 

In fact toothpaste appears to be good for everything besides scrubbing you teeth. 

But one daring beauty blogger tried the toothpaste “hack” to see if it actually worked.  

It, of course, didn’t.  

For 30 days MakeUpMesha used Vaseline and toothpaste on her breasts and said the mixture did nothing at all. 

 “It did not work. I tried it every night, like an idiot, had my boyfriend looking at me like, ‘what is she doing?'”

But viewers were at least grateful to Mesha for debunking the myth. 

When Metro asked Christopher Inglefield, medical director of the London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic, he told them the truth about the toothpaste technique. 

“Sadly, like a lot of guidance on the internet, the Vaseline and  toothpaste method of breast augmentation is fake news and pure online quackery.” 

“Your breasts may end up smelling minty fresh, but it’s highly unlikely there will be any growth.”

Who could have guessed rubbing toothpaste on your breasts wouldn’t make them larger? 

Well, pretty much everyone. 

H/T – Allure, Metro