Luxury Chicken Diapers Are Now A Thing–Yep, You Heard That Right

Over the last several years, society has seen a dramatic shift in how people view their food, and in turn, farm animals. 

There is a major push for humanely raised animals, cage-free eggs, and the like. 

This movement has hatched a new fad of backyard poultry farming. According to American Veterinarian, poultry hatcheries as well as feed and pet stores have reported a steady increase in sales. 

The United States Departments of of Agriculture conducted a study in 2013 showing that nearly 1% of homes in the cities of Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City owned chickens. The same study found that nearly 4% of households in the same cities planned to have chickens in the next 4 years. If this prediction came true, those statistics should be accurate today. 

And in certain urban areas, such as the Silicon Valley, raising chickens has become a status symbol.

But the problem with chickens as pets is that they poop a lot. 

So, like anything, when there is a demand someone will meet it.

Thus, the invention of the chicken diaper.

There are now numerous companies who design and produce luxury chicken diapers that meet consumer’s practical and social media needs.

Companies include Feather Wear by Avian Fashions,

My Pet Chicken,

And Pampered Poultry.

The internet cannot deal (but also secretly wants one in every color for their future chickens).

So for those of you who have been wanting a pet chicken but didn’t want to deal with the mess, enjoy this egg-cellent news!

H/T: The Outline