8-Year-Old Boy Ate Crystal Meth Thinking It Was Cereal–Dies After Father Waited Hours Before Seeking Help

Second-grader Curtis Collman III is dead because his father let him die to hide his own drug habit. 

We’re about to go to an incredibly distressing place, folks.

8- year-old Curtis told his dad that he was hungry and then started eating what he thought was breakfast cereal left on a plate – but was in fact crystal methamphetamine. 

Why a child would think that a colorless rocky crystal that according to Quora tastes “very chemical-y” would be cereal perhaps suggests a level of neglect and food insecurity that no child should ever suffer.

Either way, by the time the child’s father, Curtis Collman, Jr., noticed what was happening, his son had already ingested about 180 times a lethal dose.

This is horrific enough, to be sure. 

But the boy’s father actively prevented medical assistance.

Curtis Collman, Jr. stopped both his son’s grandmother and a friend from calling the police while being “hysterical, crying and acting crazy” – pointing a gun at the friend to keep her from phoning for help. 

We can only presume that the father didn’t want to get in trouble, so he let his son convulse himself into unresponsiveness before ditching the child at his grandmother’s house. 

He then hollered that he would kill himself and drove away from the scene as someone was finally able to call 911. The boy was taken to Schneck Medical Center where he died. 

When police arrived to serve the warrant for Collman’s arrest, officers noted there was no functioning electricity in the house the child lived in. 

Prosecutors intend to push for the maximum sentence of 50 years. 

The internet was truly at a loss for words. 

Collman was previously convicted of attempting to pay a minor $60 in exchange for sex. 

It is very unlikely that he’ll ever leave prison again. 

H/T: ABC7, Wave3