Leslie Jones Tweets Chris Evans As Captain America Is ‘Fine As F—-‘ And Chris Evans Just Responded

Celebrities: they’re just like us!

Leslie Jones live-tweeted when she was watching Avengers: Infinity War and said the following in a video when she caught first glimpse of Captain America:

“Ladies and gentleman, introducing my motherf–ing husband. Oh my God, Captain America, you are fine as f–. And you got a beard. Motherf–er.”

Beyond relatable – and this thirsty tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Captain America.

Evans replied, and said the following in response:

“What’s truly shocking is that this is EXACTLY what @Paul_Bettany says to me every time I enter a room. Verbatim.”

Cute and funny – no wonder she claimed him as her husband! We don’t blame you, Leslie.

Bettany also replied and shared a still from the movie of his character, Vision, gazing up at the Captain:

You can see it in my eyes in this shot- I’m only human… well… Kinda.”

Get it? Because his character is an android? 

Twitter thirsted for Evans right alongside Jones.

She remains a humble fangirl, like the rest of us, even as a mega-talented and successful actress. 

People now demand a special release of the film, with added bonus commentary from Jones.

Give the people what they want, Marvel.

We’re here for this interaction. 

Captain America, serving our country, and serving all of us, with that gorgeous beard. 

H / T – Entertainment Weekly