100-Year-Old Photos Show Non-Binary And Trans ‘Public Heroes’ In Their Element ❤️

A trans actor known as @thejeffreymarsh on Twitter is fascinated by history. Though, in many ways, the world is becoming better and better for members of the LGBTQ community, it’s also important to remember those brave people who made the present day possible by standing up for who they were in the past. Many of those heroes were featured in a Twitter thread @thejeffreymarsh started to honor them:

Many of these performers saw no need to hide their identity.

These trans icons were able to make a living in many different ways!

Though many of them found their way to vaudeville…

Perhaps the 1800’s weren’t always as oppressive as we think them to be.

And these performers didn’t just come from America:

Though society tends to downplay the role of minorities in its history, these LGBTQ performers made a big difference in their time!

Thank you so much for putting this list together, @thejeffreymarsh!

H/T – Twitter, Harmonize