The Target Audience For ‘Eighth Grade’ Can’t See It Due To Its R Rating—But Bo Burnham Has A Solution ❤️

This Wednesday night, August 8, the acclaimed Bo Burnham film Eighth Grade will have free screenings in all 50 states without the enforcement of its R rating.

A24 made this possible by partnering with one theater in each state, allowing eighth graders and all teens under 18 a chance to see the movie that was made for them, without the requisite parental guidance.    

Check out the director’s tweet announcing the plan:

Here’s a clip of Burnham and the film’s star, Elsie Fisher, announcing the screenings: 

Commenters were excited:

Some fans gave kudos to A24 for making it happen:

Upon its release, Eighth Grade earned an R rating from MPAA for language and some sexual content, preventing middle school-age teens from seeing a film targeted specifically for them. 

This seemed unfair to some, such as independent filmmaker Sammy Paul:

Twitter users are ready to see it:

Of course there were a few jokes too:

If you’re a teen who would like to see Eighth Grade, check out this list of cities to see if there’s a free screening near you.

H/T: Twitter, YouTube