This Cat Has A Very Strange—And Adorable—Obsession With Peaches 🍑😻

Twitter-user Lydia Coutré (a journalist, feminist, and craft enthusiast, according to her profile) shared her love for her parents’ peach-obsessed cat via a series of tweets and the internet is eating it up. 

Have a look:

Some further details: 

Twitter fawned all over the cat pics: 

Some commenters speculated about Ozzy’s strange obsession: 

Others shared their own cats’ unique obsessions: 

Apparently, Ozzy is not alone in his love of peaches: 

Coutré received some comments referring to Elio, a character from the movie Call Me by Your Name.  

But she didn’t know who it was: 

When a cat’s obsession with peaches turns into a human’s obsession with a peaches-obsessed cat: 

Can’t get enough of Ozzy? Check him out, with pal Darcy, on Instagram

H/T: Mashable, Twitter