Guy Hilariously Trolls Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Bizarre Fashion Statement ????

Celebrities inspire lots of people with their achievements, unique personalities, and fashion statements. 

Famous actresses can often take on the boldest fashion choices and make them look amazing and chic. Remember when Kim Kardashian donned a pair of thigh-high, transparent boots, a bralette, and denim cutoffs? There was a wave of clear boots, booties, and sandals that followed once she was photographed in those.

Celebs can pull off almost any look with ease, and fashion-conscious fans will want to follow.

Jennifer Lopez made a daring, head-turning choice in these denim boots. Unlike other thigh-high denim boots, these are belted, making them look like a fallen pair of pants.

The bold boots are part of the upcoming Versace Resort 2019 Collection:

Twitter did a double-take and swore J.Lo’s pants had fallen down:

Senan Byrne re-creates celebrities’ strangest and most famous outfits, and this one is gaining some serious attention online.

The results? Hysterical:

Byrne, 31, and his friends started doing these photos just for fun:

Some ‘creators’ try and make it their job and source of income. Me and my friends just do it for fun. I think that virality or ‘going viral’ is a byproduct and not the only reason for making videos [or pictures].

He saw the now-infamous photo of J.Lo rocking the denim boots, and he got to work:

I came across the picture by my wife who had seen it on some social media. I assumed many would be dressing up and posting their attempts to look like J Lo, and I wanted to go further and parody those attempts.

Down to the sunglasses and small black handbag, Byrne didn’t skimp on the details:

He got his wife to join the photo series. Her face says it all:

Laughing at your own joke is appropriate in this case. Who wouldn’t laugh at these? Comedic genius!

The complete outfit was downright hilarious and everyone loved the photos:

Who needs a stylist? Hire Senan Byrne. He’ll have you taken care of in a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Reddit had a field day laughing at these photos:

Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

H / T – BoredPanda, The Sun