Lin-Manuel Miranda Had Such A Pure Interaction With His Son That He Turned It Into A Short Play For Twitter ????

Lin-Manuel Miranda is absolutely one of those celebrities that loves to document his day-to-day life. He’s open to share all of life’s little joys, including adorable moments in fatherhood.

And wow, is the moment he recently shared super adorable! It was so  cute, in fact, he had to share it in the way he knows best: as a play. 

Miranda’s son, Sebastian, had recently been spellbound by the magic of Target. (Haven’t we all, kid.) He was so impressed with the selection of toys that he just had to share that awe with Daddy. Daddy, not having the heart to tell him he grew up in the era of Toys R Us and K.B. Toys, just let his kiddo have his moment.

Twitter fell in love instantly. 

And they totally get Sebastian’s love of Target. 

We look forward to the inevitable video blog when Sebastian shows Dad the real magic of Target. 

H/T: Twitter