Insane White House Press Briefing Transcript Written By ‘Bot’ Is Honestly Far Too Believable

The White House press briefing: a moment taken each day to exercise one of our most cherished freedoms and a central tenet of democr—  

Just kidding! American politics is a nightmare and the daily press briefing is the moment we awaken to find we cannot get enough air to scream. But hyperbole aside, don’t you kind of relate?

If you answered yes, it will come as no surprise that when comedian Keaton Patti tasked a bot with writing a press briefing, the bot came up with this bizarre—but extremely relatable—script:

This is all a joke, of course. Patti wrote it himself. But is it really so off-base? Sure, it’s patently absurd but, like all great comedy, it doesn’t stray all that far from reality!

If you agree, you are definitely not the only one: 

A few people even found themselves downright triggered:

While others were not quite sure how to feel: 

And, of course, some people didn’t quiiite get it: 

Like…really didn’t get it:  

While this is all good for a much-needed laugh, if you’re the bot-building type? Don’t get any ideas!

Things may be…let’s go with “challenging”…nowadays, but luckily Patti’s done a few other equally absurd and hilarious “bot-written” parodies to keep us laughing, skewering everything from The Olive Garden commercials (slogan: When you’re here, you’re here™) to an episode of Undercover Boss where the boss’s name is Cinnabon Hooters. Consider bookmarking them so they’re at the ready for the inevitable day Sarah Huckabee Sanders does actually call a journalist a “news pig.” Laugh to keep from crying! 

H/T: Mashable, The Daily Dot