Classic ’90s Show ‘American Gladiators’ Is Getting A Reboot Thanks To Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen, along with childhood friend and collaborator Evan Goldberg, will executive produce a reboot of the popular ’90s reality show American Gladiators in conjunction with the series’ original producer, John Ferraro.

Originally airing from 1989 to 1996, the program consisted of a series of physical challenges for contestants to test their strength, agility, and stamina, but differed from current shows like American Ninja Warrior in that they also had to fight an array of celebrity sports icons. 

Take a look:

The 36-year-old writer, director, and funnyman clarified his intentions with one tweet:

Commenters had a lot of requests:

The American Gladiators official Twitter account expressed enthusiasm for Rogen’s venture:

Comedian and actor Ron Funches had a request: 

And threw his hat in the ring to be the new announcer:

Actor and comedian Paul Sheer was also stoked about the news:

Some ex-gladiators are ready to sign up for the reboot: 

The show did have a previous reboot in 2008 with Laila Ali and Hulk Hogan, but ultimately proved unsuccessful, lasting for only two seasons.

This comment from YouTube offers some insight as to why:

If you’ve never seen the show, or you just want to get psyched for the reboot, check out this full episode of the show from 1996.

H/T: Uproxx, Twitter, YouTube