Ariana Grande Has A Bandage On Her Hand After Filming ‘Carpool Karaoke’—And Fans Have Questions

Ariana Grande is pretty notoriously clumsy, but her awkward is part of why her fans love her so much. She’s the Jennifer Lawrence of music. Yeah, I said that. And she proved how accurate that is with a recent tweet.

Grande and James Corden have been teasing one another back and forth about carpool karaoke, which is enough to have Twitter fans freaking out anyway. An Ariana Grande carpool karaoke is everything Twitter wants in life right now. We don’t know how it happened, or when it happened, but we know Grande apparently Granded all over the day. 

The clumsy must have been out in full force because this happened:  

Some fans got worried: 

But most know this is just another day in Grande’s world. Even she acknowledged how clumsy she is. 

We still don’t know what happened but, whatever it was, they kept the footage in the episode. Grande and Corden tweeted back and forth about it a few more times. 

Fans are absolutely here for this. 

Let’s hope Grande manages to heal quickly from her latest little mishap.

H/T: Twitter, US Magazine