Author’s Response To Guy Who Wants To Go Back To A Time ‘When Women Didn’t Hate Men’ Is Pure Fire 🔥

Women couldn’t vote, hold most types of jobs, receive a higher education, and were basically their husbands’ property, but that doesn’t stop some people from wishing they could return to the more conservative times of the 1900s.

Did people of all genders, skin colors, and sexual orientations enjoy basic human rights back then? Of course not! But at least women didn’t hate men, right? Instead, according to one man named Craig, also known as @lordofsnowflake on Twitter, the ladies smiled and fawned over sexual predators.

Someone pointed out the prevalent, normalized sexual harassment women face on a regular basis:

This was a time when women could not complain about being berated and harassed, because they were subordinate to men. But…okay!

Craig dreams of a magical time when women blushed at being wolf-whistled and catcalled:

He was adamant that a woman receiving unwanted attention is not sexual harassment, despite the fact that he is not a woman, and has never experienced such circumstances. Twitter wasn’t afraid to shut him down for his blatant sexism.

Some reminded him that women had almost no basic human rights back then. 

Others pointed out that catcalling is objectifying to women, not to mention potentially dangerous.

The best shut down came from wordsmith Jennifer Wright, who has authored two history books, It Ended Badly and Get Well Soon. She is also the political editor for Harper’s BAZAAR.

She mentioned how Frankenstein author Mary Shelley was anything but quiet and submissive. 

People applauded Wright. Someone else pointed out that during this time period, some women used hatpins to stab men who harassed them.

Wow, a trend that is both fashionable and functional. Maybe we should bring that back?

In the future, Craig, consider allowing women to define what is and is not sexual harassment. Okay? Okay. Glad we had this talk.

Hats—and hatpins—off to you, Jennifer Wright!

H / T – Indy100, Twitter