Japanese Artist Takes Balloon Animal Art To The Next Level ????

Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto has taken the outdated practice of balloon animals to a whole new realm. The work Matsumoto does is truly amazing, so it’s no surprise it took four years to master the craft.

Matsumoto told Upworthy that he has liked critters since he was small. That love of small things comes through in his work, and his balloon animals cover all types of creatures from monkeys to birds and bugs. 

The attention to detail is amazing considering he uses nothing but balloons. There are no adhesives or markers, pens or sealers. Matsumoto photographs his creations and posts them to his Instagram and on his Tumblr page

Make sure you have plenty of time. Looking at these creatures can really suck you in. 

Matsumoto also shares videos of his techniques. 

(If you are sensitive to the sound of twisting balloons, watch with the sound off!) 

Parents are going to have to step up their birthday party game after kids see this. 

H/T: Upworthy, Modern Met