Man Goes On Stabbing Spree After Hiding In Freezer Of Popular NYC Restaurant

Cue up the Law & Order music. We’ve got a wild one here!

Venerable New York City brunch institution Sarabeth’s was the scene of a potentially disastrous—and definitely terrifying—incident on Sunday when the restaurant’s kitchen was temporarily turned into the set of a horror movie. As an employee opened the restaurant’s walk-in freezer, a 54-year-old man named Carlton Henderson lunged out, brandishing a kitchen knife and screaming, “Away from me Satan! Away!” before dropping dead of a heart attack.

You know, as one does.

Take a moment to process that before moving on because it gets weirder from here. 


AND ALSO: who hides in a freezer?! Talk about a risky decision!

We do at least know how Henderson got out of prison: the AP reported that Henderson was released on his own recognizance after key evidence was thrown out of his pending trial for double murder. 


On second thought, cancel that Law & Order joke up top, because no TV writers’ room in the world would accept such a bizarre plot line. 

Some people weren’t quite sure how to take this news.

But for the most part New Yorkers—most of whom, I can tell you from experience, have likely witnessed stranger things while riding the Subway at 8 a.m. on a random Wednesday—were pretty chill.

They took it all in stride:

It’s true: Sarabeth really does know what she’s doing with a pancake. 

Also, I am really hoping for this particular plot twist:

The kitchen staff was able to subdue and disarm Henderson before he injured anyone. And thank God because, having waited tables for five years in New York City, trust me when I say that working a normal NYC brunch place is injurious enough!

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