News Anchor Has A Tragic On-Air Blooper During California Wildfires Segment—And She Somehow Kept It Together 😬

Someone give Stephanie Ruhle a “Journalist Of The Century” award right now. She made the kind of slip-up that news anchors dread the most—a crass but funny mistake during a tragic story—and she managed to keep her cool after she did it.

This brave and beautiful hero of an anchor meant to say, “California is fighting.” Much to her horror, she had a complete brain fart at just the wrong time and she said, out loud, on live television, with millions of eyes and ears on her… “California is farting.” 

California. Is. Farting. 

She held it together because she’s an unspeakably powerful news goddess, we guess. She simply corrected herself with an “excuse me” and kept on going. The closest she came was a smile in the middle of the next sentence. We don’t know how, but this proves live news anchors are a whole other breed. 

To make matters worse, people recorded the moment so it can live on in internet infamy. 

She might be Twitter’s new favorite person.

Hats off to you, Stephanie. You’re a true professional. Now excuse us while we watch this video on loop and giggle like children.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter, YouTube