The Oscars Is Making Some Big Changes To The Ceremony That Have People Scratching Their Heads

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced recently to some future changes including a new category that looks like a popularity contest… literally.  Starting in 2019, the Oscar will go to one film for “achievement in popular film.”

People are speculating this is a polite way of saying, “Best Superhero Movie.”

Other changes include shortening the running time and not showing all the awards being handed out. Also on the list is a change of date. Beginning in 2020, the Oscars will show on February 9, instead of later in the month or early March as it has in the past. 

The Academy announced the changes in a letter sent out to members. The letter stated in part:

We have heard from many of you about improvements needed to keep the Oscars and our Academy relevant in a changing world. The Board of Governors took this charge seriously. 

Many are already speculating that the biggest movie of the year, Black Panther, will be the first film to claim the prize in the newly established category. Movies nominated for “Achievement in Popularity” can also be nominated for “Best Picture.”

Twitter couldn’t help but wonder what it all means. 

Action films weren’t the only thing to consider. Typically, Oscar wraps up the season, so now what?

It appears Bafta is already making plans to move too. 

Which means…

Next year, the Oscars will still take place at the end of the month on February 24, 2019. The 92nd Oscars in 2020 will move to the new date. 

H/T: Entertainment Weekly, Forbes