Viral Video Captures Massive ‘Firenado’ That Looks Straight Out Of An Apocalypse Movie 😮

When firefighters in Derbyshire, England, responded to a call, they didn’t expect to encounter what looked like a sign of the apocalypse. As the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service arrived on scene, they were met with a towering pillar of flames known as a “firenado.”

Also known as a fire whirl, the phenomenon is not unheard of for firefighters, and the explanation of how one is formed is rather simple, but that doesn’t make it any less unnerving. 

One firefighter on the scene captured a video of the fiery twister, which they later posted to Facebook with the explanation, “It’s created as cool air enters the top of the hot air causing a swirl similar to how a tornado is formed.”

The video has since gone viral and received over 350,000 views.

After watching the video, most people decided never to mess with Mother Nature again. 

While others took the hellish vortex as a sign of something more biblical. 

And many are waiting for the movie adaptation. 

Maybe it’s a sign we should should skip right to 2019 and start over. 

H/T – Twitter, CBS