All Of The Disney Princesses Are Present, Accounted For, And Wearing Loungewear In New ‘Wreck It Ralph’ Promo Image

Wreck-It Ralph first hit theaters back in 2012. The Disney Pixar film about a bunch of video game characters who come alive once the arcade closes was a huge hit. It was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2013 Academy Awards. Needless to say, the upcoming sequel is hotly anticipated. 

In the original film we met Vanellope, a little girl who enters Ralph’s orbit by stealing from him. That rocky start leads the two on an epic adventure. In the sequel, Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet, their epic adventure leads them right into a Disney Princess Party, and EW has given us a sneak peek at it. 

Needless to say, it’s kind of breaking the internet in real life.

People zeroed in on specific princesses.

Some added their own twists to the immediately iconic shot:

And this one screenshot persuaded some people to see the movie.

But most just wanted more.

Okay, Disney, we’re ready for this movie.

H/T: EW, Twitter