Shonda Rhimes Just Admitted Which Characters She Wants To Bring Back On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ????

Shonda Rhimes is one of the biggest names in American Television. She has served as producer of hit shows like How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal and has moved to the behemoth of Netflix to enjoy more creative freedom (as well as a $150 million base salary).

Recently, Rhimes dedicated some of her (clearly) valuable time to her fans on Instagram and invited questions via her Insta Story.

Fans quickly obliged and began to fire away.

First, a fan asked about Kate Walsh’s character who later had her own spinoff, Private Practice.

“Do u have any plans to bring back Addison Forbes Montgomery?? I neeed her “

Shonda responded, 

“I need Addison Forbes Montgomery too! I can’t bring back people who don’t exist, in terms of availability. Kate Walsh is busy people. She’s busy!”

The next questions was about Sara Ramirez who is currently Kate Sandoval in Madame Secretary.

“Are you going to bring back Callie anytime SOON “

Rhimes said, 

“Let me tell you something, we tried! CBS has a hold of her, because she’s on another show and we can’t get her out. But we love her…ALWAYS. This is her home. Come home, Callie.”

Last, a fan wanted to know Shonda’s character pick.

If you could bring any greys character back who would it be?

The Grey’s creator surprised and thrilled fans when she replied,

“If I could bring back any Grey’s character, it would be George O’Malley [played by T.R. Knight]. I love George so much and I miss George so much! He was such an awesome character and he was super funny, and adorable, and amazing. George!”

Fans wholeheartedly agree with all of Rhimes’ wishes!

But some fans didn’t hear their favorite characters’ names.

And some are ready to find a way to bring back George just for Shonda (and everyone else, too, who am I kidding).

H/T: BuzzFeed, CinemaBlend