This Might Be The Worst ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Fail Yet 😮

Trivia isn’t supposed to be easy. Sometimes contestants become flustered and confused and end up getting the answer wrong. Considering the pressure of millions of people watching on television, this is more than understandable — to a degree.

The format of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is simple and straightforward. 

One contestant answers a series of questions, which become more difficult as more money is piled on to the potential winnings. Contestant has a few “lifelines” that they can use should they come across a difficult question they might not be able to answer.

Not everyone strikes gold and leaves the game show with millions of dollars. And, as we mentioned before, when it comes to the more difficult questions, it’s understandable when someone answers incorrectly. Most people wouldn’t get them right. It isn’t common, however, for contestants — or people watching along at home — to be stumped on one of the first questions, which are designed to be super simple.

Su Ayhan, 26, was a contestant on the Turkish edition of the game show, Kim Milyoner Olmak İster

She was perplexed at one of the first questions, which addressed the location of an iconic landmark.

The fourth question was, “Where is the Great Wall of China?” She had four choices: China, India, South Korea, or Japan.

Most viewers were probably screaming CHINA! because, I mean, the answer is right in the name. It couldn’t more obvious, right? Ayhan used an “ask the audience” lifeline to be sure. 

So, she must have gotten the answer right. Who doesn’t know that the Great Wall of China is in…China?

Half of the audience didn’t know, apparently, because just 51% said China. Then Ayhan used a second lifeline and phoned a friend. The friend assured her that the monument was, in fact, in China, and Ayhan chose the correct answer. 

But what a wild ride that was, right?

Twitter found her blunder quite entertaining:

Some viewers thought she turned to her lifelines far too soon.

Ayhan pointed out that she was free to use them whenever she pleased:

I could use my lifelines whenever I wanted.

Ayhan answered the next question incorrectly, scuttling her chance of becoming a millionaire. 

She isn’t the first person to incorrectly answer a fairly simple question on the game show. A U.S. medical student, Brenton Andreasik ,appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2015 and got the first question wrong after he bragged about how intelligent he was. 

Andreasik’s question: “Snapping selfies in kitchens you can’t afford and taking a ‘meatball break’ are two things BuzzFeed says every twenty-something does on their first trip … where?” His four choices were: Paris, London, Rome, and IKEA.

The right answer was, duh, IKEA. Instead, he went with Rome. 

Go home and brush up on your geography, people. You never know when it might come in handy!

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