Viral Twitter Account Calling Out Movie ‘Goofs’ Is Trolling Fans Everywhere ????

Fandoms are a powerful force. Whether a movie franchise or an infamous character on a television show, there is always a group of dedicated and unwavering fans. Fandoms like this typically become frustrated, and even irate, when people get information wrong — and that especially applies to diehard movie devotees.

The Twitter account @movie_goofs covers popular movies like Inception, Planet of the Apes, and Fight Club. Sean, the man behind the well-known parody account, points out mistakes in joke tweets that “misunderstand movies and moviemaking.” He does it on purpose.

And he’s racked up more than 34,000 followers by infuriating movie fans.

What does that mean exactly? The account builds a Twitter thread of plot holes, mishaps in continuity, character errors, factual errors, and more — and everything is completely made up. 

Check out a couple examples:

Seconds missing from the movie, origin and transportation of famous landmarks? Most followers understand that the account is not to be taken seriously. But not everyone is in on the joke. 

There are fans who don’t realize the account is a parody account, and attempt to “correct” Sean:

Others join in on the fun and come up with solutions or errors of their own:

His tweets earn thousands of likes and retweets:

And he describes these fake errors in great detail:

Sean decribes the account as the following in the bio:

Parody! Goofs too subtle for IMDB. Joking not trolling.

Some fans of the account take the time to explain the jokes to those who don’t understand it:

Hopefully this clears things up for those who think the account is serious?

Sean doesn’t run the account to make people mad. He does it for a good laugh:

I’d be happier if everybody got the joke; but, unfortunately, people thinking I’m actually that thickheaded is just a natural consequence of me pretending to be.

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