Jaden Smith Mentions In Interview That He Believes Wakanda Is Real

Jaden Smith recently sat down with Bill Bradley of Huffington Post to talk about his new film, new album, aliens, and Wakanda.

The 20-year-old actor, rapper, and activist revealed a lot about himself in a very diversely themed interview with Huffington Post.

Jaden and interviewer Bill Bradley discussed Jaden’s new film, Skate Kitchen, his new album, Syre: The Electric Album, sandwiches, politics, and aliens. But most interestingly, Bradley discovered that Jaden believes in Wakanda.

Ok, maybe not the actual home of the Black Panther and his people, but he does believe in a place similar to the Marvel Studios creation.

Specifically, he said,

“The technology that we’re currently at is not the maximum of the human capability and that there are places in the world where their technology supersedes what we see here on a daily basis. It’s made by humans, and it should be acknowledged, and it should be looked at because it could heal a lot of problems.”

Essentially, he believes that Earth is home to a material like vibranium — the Wakandan metal that is stronger than steel, yet is extremely light and absorbs vibration.

Some people think he’s just a kid with fantasies.

But others think he’s onto something.

Not sure what I believe, but one thing I do know… Wakanda forever!

H/T: HuffPost, Insider