This Photo Of Meghan Markle’s Hair Has Everyone Confused

In the grand internet tradition of confusing illusions, a new photo of Meghan Markle has officially joined the ranks of laurel or yanny and the infamous gold dress/blue dress.

The Duchess of Sussex was attending a wedding with husband Harry when a photographer at the right place and the wrong angle snapped a candid photo of Meghan that has everyone talking.

The image soon went viral and now stories are popping up everywhere. 

The close up shot of Meghan glancing to her right shows her hair appearing to be half brown and half blonde, which would be a shocking departure from her signature brunette looks. 

The photo that is confusing everyone. 

The image seems to be making everyone do a double-take. 

 So what caused this optical illusion? Was it shadow, a trick of the light?  The internet got to work trying to figure it out. 

And the inexplicable blonde hair wasn’t noticeable in other photos of Meghan that day, so where did it come from?

As it turned out, looking at things from a different angle solved the mystery of Meghan’s hair. 

The photographer had caught the photo of Meghan at the exact moment she was obscuring her blonde companion, creating the illusion and confusing the whole internet. 

Though the picture shows Meghan would look just as elegant as a blonde the new royal might have a very good reason to stick with her natural color. 

H/T – Hello Giggles, Teen Vogue