Internet Is Gagging Over This Teddy Bear Made Out Of Chicken Skin

Get ready to be done with the internet for the day. 

A Facebook marketplace post from a seller in Louisiana is claiming to make and sell teddy bears…wrapped in chicken skin. 

For only $35 ($25 if you supply your own chicken) you can bring one of these unholy abominations home, though who knows why you would want to. 

You might have already caught the voodoo monstrosity making the rounds on social media and toyed with the idea of harming the person who shared it with you. We don’t blame you. 

The good news is the bear probably isn’t for sale. The bad news is it still exists, somewhere, and it’s probably watching you right now. 

The marketplace post appears to be a gag, but that just leaves the unsettling question of where did the bear come from? 

Twitter user Alex Tanner posted that it was toy he made for his kid. Father of the year. 

It seems Twitter was just as upset by the bear as we are. 

Though that didn’t stop them from asking questions.

But the demonic build-a-bear wasn’t Alex’s creation either. In fact the bear was made in 2013 by artist Victor Ivanov who seems to regret making it as much as we regret ever seeing it. 

 “On the whole, it made me feel disgusted the entire time I was making  it. One should not know what it’s like to sew through skin.” 

Though it seems Ivanov didn’t learn his lesson when it came to chicken skin creations.  He later when on to construct a chicken skin gimp suit as part of a commentary on “vanity-driven culture.”

The end result was no less disturbing. 

As emotionally scarring as the chicken skin teddy bear is the only thing worse than sharing it with everyone you know is not sharing it with everyone you know. 

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